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Lisa is Keynoting The World’s Best Roadschooling Convention!

My family and I are getting super excited for tomorrow. It's the first day of the "World's Best Roadschooling Convention" right here in Tucson, Arizona. I'll be giving the key note address at 7:00PM tomorrow evening (and hosting a Moms-only circle Saturday morning)! Greg and Zoe will be on an Unschooling Panel Friday afternoon from 1:00-3:00PM.

The convention unofficially started for me yesterday, as several other authors and myself had a lovely afternoon of talking about our books and signing books at Mostly Books in Tucson. Here's a photo:


Doing Grocery Shopping Right; VIDEO 17 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Mel Mason as she tells us about "Doing Grocery Shopping Right"!

Mel Mason is a delightfully blissed out wife, mom, massage therapist, holistic health coach, yogi, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, volunteer deejay, music/charity event coordinator, writer, happily average athlete, and is owned by five cats and one insanely adorable rescued pit bull, Mandy. The only two phrases not allowed to be uttered in her presence are “I'm bored” and “I can't.”

Mel completed her undergraduate degree in psychology with a biological emphasis at the University of Arizona in 1998. She was employed at Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine from 1997 until 2007 where she designed and developed interactive web content for physicians who wanted to incorporate alternative modalities into their medical practice. In 2008, Mel graduated from The Providence Institute as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is the founder and CEO of From Knotty To Nice. Captivated by nutritional science and the enormous role lifestyle plays in food choice, she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in February of 2010. As of January 2011, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, as well as the founder and CEO of From Here To Whole. She works with individuals and groups, offering practical ways to infuse whole foods into every meal, and tapping the inner spark that helps her clients reach their true potential in the areas of career, relationships, creative pursuits, and spiritual practice. She's seen all kinds of ridiculously positive changes in peoples' lives, and it feeds her spirit like nothing else.

In describing Doing Grocery Shopping Right, Mel tells us this:

For the first time in human history, there is a surplus of food. There's also a surplus of information and marketing regarding how and what to eat, and it can get confusing in a hurry. Evidence suggests that food choice plays a key role in staying healthy. And just what is “health?” It's a big question to explore, there's no doubt. The foundation of all health begins with the body's ability to protect itself from that which causes disease. What causes disease? Again, a big topic. There has been no invention in the pharmaceutical industry that can mimic the power and precise chemistry of the human immune system. It's by far the most powerful tool we have to avoid and/or fight disease. What strengthens and maintains this most powerful force in the fight for your health? FOOD. What you put in your shopping cart matters, big time. I'll provide practical, easy tips for buying the kinds of food that boost immunity and promote vitality. When viewed as an opportunity to increase quality of life, a trip to the grocery store can become an absolute joy, rather than another item on the to-do list.

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Doing Compassion Right; VIDEO 5 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Dr. Peggy Raisglid as she talks about Doing Compassion Right.

Peggy Raisglid was born in Norfolk, Virginia, daughter of a Polish immigrant father and southern mother. She has an older brother and they grew up in Flushing, Queens.

She started college as a chemistry major at sixteen and started working in a lab for Mobil oil in 1979 after two years of grad school. Peggy was very optimistic about her future, not knowing how poorly she would fit into a corporate environment. She continued to work for Mobil for 13 years, eventually being moved by Mobil to the Los Angeles area. While working, Peggy completed a 4-year degree in Chemical Engineering.

On August 14, 1989, Peggy heard two women speak at a church on the subject of vivisection (cutting up animals for reasons other than that which would benefit the animal). Their talk was so compelling--addressing issues of health and diet, factory farming, the environment, animal testing for personal care products and pharmaceuticals--that it turned her life around. Peggy went from hard-core carnivore to devout vegan within that half hour presentation.

Ultimately, Peggy decided to leave Mobil and return to school to pursue a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Arizona. Five and a half years later she received the degree. She continued to work in the field of chemistry for a few more years.

Although Peggy enjoyed chemistry, in her heart she was committed to trying to promote veganism as a life style for others, just as the two women she heard speak so many years ago had touched (and changed) her life. She believed the best way to promote veganism would be to open up a vegan restaurant, so that people could see how delicious vegan food could be. It would also give her the opportunity to answer questions and provide information on diet, health, animal activism...all the issues that were so near and dear to her heart.

The restaurant has been open since 2005. Most of her customers tell Peggy that they are not vegetarian, but that they like the food, and they like feeling that they are eating more healthfully. A number of customers have told her that they have become vegan because they could now see how it can be done. For Peggy, that's Doing Life Right.

In "Doing Compassion Right," Peggy shares with us the importance of extending our sphere of concern past our own species and how this can benefit: people (physically, spiritually), the environment, animals, and the economy.


To find out more about Peggy, see: