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Teagan Bentley on “Doing Fishtail Braiding Right”

Welcome to Day 5 of the 2013 Doing Life Right Teleconference!

Today we welcome back author, dancer, and fashion designer Teagan Bentley as she tells us about "Doing Fishtail Braiding Right".


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Novel Concept


NOVEL CONCEPT is now an Audiobook!

When we received an audition from Melissa Strom for the voice talent of Novel Concept, we were incredibly excited! We immediately knew that she had to be the one to read this book! Melissa's voice has got to be one of the best girl voices around. Her voice acting pulls you in and immerses you in the story immediately. Plus, she's been on Monk. 😉

I'm excited to announce that Novel Concept by Teagan Bentley is now available as an audiobook read by Melissa Strom. It is available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Plus, it's less than $4! What a deal!




Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery was one of the most exciting books that Do Life Right, Inc. has published. With ten, yes TEN, artists involved, I kept receiving present after present of lovely illustrations as the publishing process went along. It was so fun! That's why, when it came time to turn this adorable chapter book into an audiobook, I was super picky about finding just the right voice. We received auditions from men, women, and children for this book, and we patiently waited for just the right voice. Once we found that voice, we waited some more in order to make sure that voice really would work for the whole story. This book is a 1st person boy-voice book afterall!

We found the perfect voice in C. S. Perryess, and his Cody voice is spot-on according to the author, Linda Fields, and myself.

Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery can be purchased in audiobook form on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.


The 1/2 Way Point of the 1st Annual Doing Life Right Teleconference

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Doing Dreams Right; VIDEO 7 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Teagan Bentley as she talks about Doing Dreams Right!


Teagan Bentley is a 12 year old vegan homeschooler (Radical Unschooler) from Arizona.

Her current interests include: ballet, Bollywood dance, Tae Kwon Do, writing, fashion modeling, 3D logic puzzles, computer games, sewing, and fashion design.

Her current BIG dreams include: being a model, professional dancing, and owning a fashion boutique.

Teagan's first book (a middle grade novel), Novel Concept, came out in April 2011(in paperback and Kindle). It was recently released in audiobook form earlier this month (October 2012). This version can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

Teagan is also known as the "Hula Hooping Rubiks Cube Girl" in the documentary movie Life in a Day.



In "Doing Dreams Right," Teagan tells us about the importance of: (1) trying things NOW, (2) trying many things, and (3) trying new things--all in the pursuit of helping you live your dreams NOW, rather than waiting for "some day."

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Novel Concept


Our seventh title: NOVEL CONCEPT

Novel Concept

Novel Concept by Teagan Bentley is our first book by a child author! Hear that kids? Do Life Right, Inc.'s submission guidelines do not care how old or young you are. You just have to have written something amazing! Using readers who did not know the age of the author, this children's chapter book was picked unanimously as a "must publish" book. We are proud to add this book to our catalog! Published in April 2011.

Write a book with Monica and Julie! When two homeschooling best friends team up to enter a novel writing contest, things get busy fast! Through planning for birthdays and getting ready for Halloween, Monica and Julie's writing adventure becomes one novel concept!

Author Teagan Bentley is a ten year old homeschooler (Radical Unschooler) from Sahuarita, Arizona. While she has been writing and “making” (engineering) stories for years, this is her first solo full-length book. In addition to reading, writing, and editing, Teagan enjoys making and selling jewelry and favicons, dancing ballet, playing video games, and participating in a variety of events. Her hula-hooping while solving the Rubik’s cube skills became famous in the 2011 Sundance film Life in a Day. To find out more about Teagan, visit



by Linda Fields

When a painting is stolen from nine year old Cody Greene’s family’s art gallery, he does what any artist does best: he sketches the clues. Through cooking with his friend, visiting the midwife with his mom, hiking with his dad, and helping to prepare for an upcoming art and craft festival, Cody’s homeschooling takes a new turn as he unravels the Case of the Rainbow Mystery.

Introducing new author, Linda Fields, to the homeschooling fiction "field" with her new release: Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery, a fabulous children's chapter book.

Linda Fields is a first time published author with a million stories in her head. She’s been writing for years, yet especially loves books for children and teens. She came up with the idea for the character of Cody after seeing that most children’s books didn’t have people from a variety of ethnicities. On a trip with her family, she was inspired with the idea of a Rainbow Mystery and instantly knew that Cody had to be the one to solve it. Linda lives a quiet life in the southwest with her family and pets. She loves reading, writing, hiking, and watching movies. Check out to learn more about Linda.

Illustrated by ten different authors, this book is highly unique. Each illustrator fulfilled a unique role in this book, since it was set in a northern New Mexico art gallery.

The illustrators are (look for photos, illustrations, and more information about each of these talented people over the next few weeks):

Heather Newman

Marsha Cottrell

Teagan Bentley

Jame Hayes

Jeremy Steffen

Glenna McAulay

Kelly Halldoran

Tanja Bauerle

Sage Echo Sirotkin

Mary Jungels