Do Life Right, Inc.

Our seventh title: NOVEL CONCEPT

Novel Concept

Novel Concept by Teagan Bentley is our first book by a child author! Hear that kids? Do Life Right, Inc.'s submission guidelines do not care how old or young you are. You just have to have written something amazing! Using readers who did not know the age of the author, this children's chapter book was picked unanimously as a "must publish" book. We are proud to add this book to our catalog! Published in April 2011.

Write a book with Monica and Julie! When two homeschooling best friends team up to enter a novel writing contest, things get busy fast! Through planning for birthdays and getting ready for Halloween, Monica and Julie's writing adventure becomes one novel concept!

Author Teagan Bentley is a ten year old homeschooler (Radical Unschooler) from Sahuarita, Arizona. While she has been writing and “making” (engineering) stories for years, this is her first solo full-length book. In addition to reading, writing, and editing, Teagan enjoys making and selling jewelry and favicons, dancing ballet, playing video games, and participating in a variety of events. Her hula-hooping while solving the Rubik’s cube skills became famous in the 2011 Sundance film Life in a Day. To find out more about Teagan, visit