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Free Audiobooks!

Do you and your children love audiobooks as much as I do? I know that I listen to an audiobook pretty much every single day. I love-love-love them! I love them so much that they are actually my go-to when I want to purchase a new book for myself. Because of this, I'm thrilled that nearly all of Do Life Right's books are now available as audiobooks (and we're presently working on the rest)!

We're giving away Audible codes for FREE Do Life Right, Inc. audiobooks! I have a limited quantity of these, so speak up now if you want one. I'm happy to give up to two codes per person requesting. Request them on this post on our Facebook fan page.

I currently have codes for these books:

  • Wright on Time: Arizona, Book 1
  • Wright on Time: Utah, Book 2
  • Wright on Time: Wyoming, Book 3
  • Wright on Time: South Dakota, Book 4
  • Wright on Time: Collection 1, Books 1-4
  • Wright on Time: Minnesota, Book 5
  • Wright on Time: Iowa, Book 6
  • Together We Sleep
  • From the Ground Up
  • Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery
  • The Howling Vowels



ADVICE FROM DAD in audiobook form!

Prefer listening to your books, rather than sitting and reading them these days? Me, too! :)

Advice from Dad: Inspiration for the Next Generation by Bill O'Hearn is now available as an audiobook on,, and iTunes.

Read by Larry Oliver, listeners are in for a real treat!



Doing Audiobooks Right; VIDEO 18 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Larry Oliver as he tells us about Doing Audiobooks Right!


After college, Larry Oliver continued his education by pursuing his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. He spent nearly 25 years as an executive officer of  3 NYSE companies. His expertise in communication skills, sales and marketing, customer service, training, motivation and coaching served these organizations well.

Larry entered the world of professional voice acting in 2007, becoming quite serious about it in 2009. He especially enjoys narrating audiobooks, animation, and character voice acting. His most recent audiobook release, in October 2012, Advice From Dad: Inspiration for the Next Generation by Bill O’Hearn, embodies much of what has guided him.

Daily, Oliver strives to become the person his dog thinks he is!


In describing "Doing Audiobooks Right," Larry tells us:

Just a few years ago there were a total of 2400 audiobooks recorded. There are presently nearly 50,000 titles available as audiobooks, and soon there will be well over 100,000! This can keep voice actors/audiobook narrators/performers busy for a long time. But, there are tens of thousands of men and women that compete for these titles everyday. This video will provide you with basic information to help you decide if this is something you have a burning desire to do, and if so, what the first steps to give you a foundation of becoming a “published” audiobook narrator/performer are.

Larry Oliver is the voice talent for Bill O'Hearn's Advice from Dad: Inspiration for the Next Generation.

To find out more about Larry, see: