Do Life Right, Inc.


Calling all homeschoolers, homeschooling parents, and writers who know how real homeschoolers actually live!

You know you have it in you!

Yes, a book! That's what we're talking about.

Do Life Right, Inc. is accepting manuscript submissions for publication. We have published children's chapter books and YA books about realistic homeschoolers in all settings. There are presently hundreds of publishing companies who publish many great non-fiction titles on other topics, but none (other than us) who exclusively publish books about realistic homeschoolers of today. We know homeschoolers! This is our specialty. :)

We are now accepting submissions for:

  • Young adult (YA) novels featuring homeschooled or unschooled characters as the central figures
  • Adult novels where homeschooling or unschooling is highly present, or at least talked about in a serious manner
  • Non-fiction books about Unschooling
  • Chapter books with homeschooled or unschooled characters
  • Picture books with illustrators who work for royalties only

Manuscript Guidelines:

  1. Must be about realistic fictional homeschoolers from the year 2000 or beyond. We do not accept characters set in the distant past, but would strongly consider stories with characters from the present or future who visit the past.
  2. Must not be overtly religious or have an entire storyline based on religion (characters can certainly believe their beliefs, but we don't want stories that try to convert readers to religions they aren't interested in). Religious discussion as theoretical or educational topics is fine. Manuscripts may contain aspects of any real or imagined religion.
  3. Must not contain relationships of hatred (amongst siblings, so-called "friends", or especially parent/child). These are not realistic characteristics of real homeschooling families of today. If you have the main character constantly putting down his sibling, we won't publish your manuscript. In fact, we won't even respond to queries that have this (and we get dozens of these monthly).
  4. Must be edited to the best of your ability. We expect all accepted manuscripts to be professionally edited before final acceptance. As with all publishing companies, we will do multiple rounds of internal edits, also, but you should give us your very best work (NO FIRST DRAFTS).
  5. Must be submitted digitally. Also be sure it is double spaced, 12 point, with a legible font. Industry standards.
  6. Must be complete. We do not accept submissions based on partials, but we request partials only for our first read. Dazzle us! If you have the first book of a potential series written, please DO tell us your overall series idea. We love series and so do our readers!
  7. We currently accept all genres which fit into children's fiction or young adult fiction: mystery, science fiction, romance, etc. Content must be G, PG, or PG-13. When in doubt, leave it out.
  8. We do not require exclusive submissions on partials. Our turnaround is 3 months. If you have not heard from us after that period of time, we are not interested in your manuscript. We correspond by e-mail only. If we request the full manuscript, we require a 2-4 week exclusive depending on the length.
  9. Synopses aren't necessary, but please send a query letter containing: your real name, your real location, an overview of your story, why you think we'd like it and how it meshes with our company, and the status it is in. We do not discriminate based on anything, but do require that all of our guidelines be met. We reserve the right to reject manuscripts at any time. Yes, publishing by a pen name is fine, but we need your real name so that we can pay you your royalties.
  10. Please submit to us only if you have a willingness and desire to work with a slowly growing publishing company. As of today, we proudly have fourteen books published. While our plan is to grow BIG, there will certainly be bumps and wrong turns along the way. You need to have the stamina to go with the flow on this. :) In return, we promise to give our authors and illustrators every kind of support that we are capable of.

If your manuscript does not meet these guidelines, it will be automatically rejected without being fully read. E.g. if on page 1 your main character is talking about school and/or how much they hate their parents, we won't read any further unless you've assured us that this changes due to the growth of the character through homeschooling within the book. Honestly, this is the #1 reason we reject manuscripts. We get these nearly every single day.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your submissions!

Illustrators and Cover Designers:
Do Life Right, Inc. is currently compiling a catalog of future potential illustrators. If you are interested in being included, please send a brief e-mail with links to some of your work, your current pricing, and your availability to query at do life right inc dot com. We keep a catalog of illustrators and contact individual ones based on the needs of each individual manuscript. Since each story is so drastically different, we need a wide variety of talents here! :) We pay standard market rates.

Questions? Please send them here. While we do not respond to every inquiry, we keep a list of the most FAQs and add them to our list.

Authors are paid in royalties only. Illustrators are paid a flat fee rate, unless an author is in an agreement with them. Authors who are also illustrators are contracted on a case-by-case basis. Agented and unagented authors are welcome to submit.

Still interested? Please send a query addressed to Lisa Cottrell-Bentley at this address: query at do life right inc dot com (without the spaces and the correct punctuation) or fill out our Contact Form. If we are interested, we will ask you to send a partial or full to a different e-mail address. All query e-mails with attachments will be automatically deleted by our contact form. We only accept manuscripts via e-mail, not mail. This goes for illustrators as well.

Interested in joining the Do Life Right, Inc. team? We are currently looking for unique individuals who have the same vision as we do! Pay for marketing and sales positions is in stock and in book sale commission only at this time. This will change as the company grows.

We wish you the very best of luck in all of your endeavors!