Do Life Right, Inc.


Do Life Right, Inc. is very excited to introduce you to our current illustrators.

Tanja Bauerle

  • Tanja is the illustrator for all of the Wright on Time series of children's chapter books. Tanja works in many mediums. For the covers of the Wright on Time books, she uses acrylics. She works with pen and ink for the interior Wright on Time chapter illustrations. There have been 14-20 illustrations per book and samples can be seen in the coloring pages available at the Wright on Time books website, as well as Tanja's own personal website. Tanja is also one of the ten illustrators for Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery and provided the "blue" illustration.

Teagan Bentley

  • Teagan created Cody Greene's signature in Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery (March 2011). She also created the pencil scene breaks in that book. Teagan is the author of Novel Concept (April 2011) and created all the doodles in that book, as well as modeled for the cover. See Teagan's Creations for more information about Teagan.

Marsha Cottrell

Kelly Halldoran

Jame Hayes

Rosie Hess

Mary Jungels

Laura Koniver, M.D.

  • Dr. Laura is a talented illustrator as well as author and doctor! She illustrated her own picture books, Together We Sleep (May 2012) and From the Ground Up (November 2012). See for more details about Dr. Laura and her many projects, including her participation in a new ground-breaking movie, The Grounded.

Glenna McAulay

Heather Newman

Sage Sirotkin

Jeremy Steffen