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Quick 3-day Sale on ALL Do Life Right books

This sale is so quick that I'm not even putting it in the shopping area!

To buy, e-mail: saying exactly which DEALS you want (NO LIMITS!). You'll be invoiced through PayPal and the books will be immediately ordered as soon as you pay. These are not autographed unless noted. Shipping can take up to three weeks (I have no control over this, but can track it).

From right this moment until Monday, December 2nd at 11:59PM Arizona time, the following books are on sale in paperback form:

  • DEAL ONE: ALL SIX individual Wright on Time books by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley for ONLY $50 w/ free shipping (regularly $77.94 + shipping)
  • DEAL TWO: ALL THREE My Solar-Powered History books by Alana Terry for ONLY $30 w/ free shipping (this won't mail until the third book is published late next week) (regularly $38.97 + shipping)
  • DEAL THREE: BOTH books in The Howling Vowels series by Leslie Schultz and JJM Braulick for only $20 w/ free shipping (regularly $25.98 + shipping)
  • DEAL FOUR: BOTH lovely picture books by Laura Koniver, MD for only $30 w/ free shipping (regularly $33.98 + shipping)
  • DEAL FIVE: Fractured Fate by Caja Coyote (AUTOGRAPHED by all the authors! and shipped directly by me) for only $10 w/ free shipping (regularly $12.99 + shipping)
  • DEAL SIX: Advice from Dad by Bill O'Hearn for only $10 w/ free shipping (regularly $16.99 + shipping)
  • DEAL SEVEN: Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery by Linda Fields ALONG WITH Novel Concept by Teagan Bentley for only $15 w/ free shipping (regularly $25.98 + shipping)

Thanks! To buy, e-mail: saying exactly which items you want. You'll be invoiced through PayPal and the books will be immediately ordered as soon as you pay. These are not autographed unless noted. Shipping can take up to three weeks (I have no control over this, but can track it).



Doing Parties Right; VIDEO 10 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Zoe Bentley as she tells us about Doing Parties Right!


Zoe Bentley is a 16 year old unschooler from Arizona. In her unschooling adventures, she's created a NASA award-winning website, co-authored two novels, and traveled to over 40 states and 7 countries. She plans to work for Jeopardy! on their Clue Crew, and practices by creating her own Zoe's Geo Party! trivia game.

Zoe is currently excited about the following things in her life: audiobooks and learning how to be a voice talent, editing more of her interviews with exciting planetary scientists for her website, planning an upcoming trip, and writing both speeches and fiction.




In "Doing Parties Right," Zoe describes the six elements of a great party so that your parties will be out of this world and certain to never disappoint.

To find out more about Zoe, see:


Doing Hard Decisions Right; VIDEO 6 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Joshua Blackwell as he talks about Doing Hard Decisions Right!




Joshua Blackwell is one of the five co-authors of Fractured Fate, a Young Adult (YA) fantasy novel published by Do Life Right, Inc. in 2011. Joshua wrote the Joe Kolbe character.

Joshua is a fun-loving teen who dislikes complicated math and rude people. He loves to write and hates getting up at night because of a good idea--which are also his best.





In "Doing Hard Decisions Right," Joshua tells us about how he deals with making difficult decisions in his life--giving us advice for our own lives along the way.

To find out more Joshua, see:


TWO BOOK Virtual Book Release Party!


We're so excited here at Do Life Right, Inc. to have host a one-day virtual book release party for both THE HOWLING VOWELS and FRACTURED FATE today--Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

When asked recently which of these two books was my favorite, I had to answer honestly: I couldn't possibly choose! Each is so unique in its own way.

THE HOWLING VOWELS by Leslie Schultz, illustrated by Heather Newman, is such a lovely middle-grade novel (set in a fictional town in Minnesota) that it makes me smile in a nostalgic sort-of way. To read more about Leslie, click here. To read more about Heather, click here.

FRACTURE FATE by Caja Coyote, illustrated by Sage Echo Sirotkin, is so full of action, adventure, superheroes, and romance, that it takes me to a different world (all while being set in a real-life town in Arizona). To read more about Caja Coyote, click here.


Meet Caja Coyote!

Caja Coyote is celebrating this weekend with their book release party for Fractured Fate on 11/11/11 from 7-9PM at the Sahuarita Arts Center: 18825 S. La Canada, Sahuarita, AZ 85629! There will be light snacks (made by one of the authors, a budding baker!), games, a craft, and even a chance to win a Fractured Fate bag or pin!

This will be a unique opportunity for readers like you to get a SIGNED copy by all five authors, along with their customized "Caja Coyote" signature. In the future, you'll only be able to get just the customized signature and not the actual author's signatures.

If you can't make it to the party, you'll get a second chance to meet these five fantastic young authors at the Sahuarita Pecan Festival from 10AM-8PM on Saturday, 11/12/2011 at their booth.

To find out more about Fractured Fate and Caja Coyote, be sure to "Like" them on Facebook and check out their growing website.


Our eighth title: FRACTURED FATE

Do Life Right, Inc. is proud to announce its eighth title, a YA (young adult) fantasy fiction!

From the back cover:


When five teens in Sahuarita, Arizona, find themselves in the middle of worldwide cataclysms, earth-controlling Joe rounds up super-strong Grace, information-absorbing Natalie, weather-making Valencia, and fire-starting Drake, in order to help defeat the force which created all the destruction. While overcoming unleashed mythical creatures and rebuilding their community, the team struggles to change the fate of a now fractured Earth.

What does the mysterious box have to do with anything?

Does Levi have plans of his own?

Can these strangers bring their powers together and save the world?


  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9824829-8-8
  • Written by Caja Coyote
  • Illustrated by Sage Echo Sirotkin
  • $12.99 U.S.
  • 362 pages, YA novel
  • Published by Do Life Right, Inc., October 2011