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Our seventh title: NOVEL CONCEPT

Novel Concept

Novel Concept by Teagan Bentley is our first book by a child author! Hear that kids? Do Life Right, Inc.'s submission guidelines do not care how old or young you are. You just have to have written something amazing! Using readers who did not know the age of the author, this children's chapter book was picked unanimously as a "must publish" book. We are proud to add this book to our catalog! Published in April 2011.

Write a book with Monica and Julie! When two homeschooling best friends team up to enter a novel writing contest, things get busy fast! Through planning for birthdays and getting ready for Halloween, Monica and Julie's writing adventure becomes one novel concept!

Author Teagan Bentley is a ten year old homeschooler (Radical Unschooler) from Sahuarita, Arizona. While she has been writing and “making” (engineering) stories for years, this is her first solo full-length book. In addition to reading, writing, and editing, Teagan enjoys making and selling jewelry and favicons, dancing ballet, playing video games, and participating in a variety of events. Her hula-hooping while solving the Rubik’s cube skills became famous in the 2011 Sundance film Life in a Day. To find out more about Teagan, visit


Submissions, Submissions!

Wow! The volume of submissions has increased about tenfold since the beginning of our KickStarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money from people just like you. This is fabulous! I'm very excited by these submissions since the funds from this campaign are planned to do just this: Publish more amazing books about homeschoolers of today! By reaching our goal, we'll be able to pick several of these interesting submissions and actually publish them!

While only a small portion of the queries are manuscripts Do Life Right, Inc. is currently interested in publishing, I want everyone submitting to keep their publishing dreams alive! What's not right for us, is perfect for another publisher, and vice versa. Or, ultimately, you could start your own publishing company, or consider self-publishing.

In today's world, there are a variety of ways to publish. Keep your options open, dreams alive, and mind open to jump at all the opportunities that work for you!

In the meantime, keep submitting and have fun! :)


What we are looking for RIGHT NOW

Do Life Right, Inc. is actively searching for the next great children's or YA manuscript about realistic homeschoolers!

Do you have a Hanna West/Nancy Drew/older Madeline/Harriet the Spy type of book about a homeschooler (or group of homeschoolers)? Send it to us! This is the ideal story that we are currently looking for. The characters can be boys or girls.

We'd love to have a mystery with a twist (science fiction, romance, etc.) book to sink our teeth into. We are not looking for child memoirs (written in first or third person), unless your life is crazy interesting and you've written a fantastic story about it that entertains us all! Remember that your story must past muster with actual homeschoolers! :)

Our submission guidelines calls for "realistic homeschoolers".  What this means is that you've actually looked into how homeschoolers today live. Your writing isn't dependent on stereotypes, misinformation, or outdated data. You've met more than a dozen homeschoolers in real life and you know how amazing they are and how unique each of them is. You've witnessed first hand what amazing things homeschoolers have done without having gone to school and without needing to go to school five days a week.

How fast are we once a manuscript is accepted? Depending on the level of editing needed and illustration needs, turn around can be as fast as 6 months. If you are accepted today, your work could be a book you are holding in your hands before the end of the year!

What else do we do? Along with publishing your work, we'll help with marketing, send a treatment to television and movie producers (depending on the manuscript), and much more.  We want you to succeed! We are investing in you to succeed so that we can succeed. We are a small and independent publishing company who works professionally with its authors. We require no money from our authors and our royalty rates are higher than traditional publishing houses. Contact us today to find out more.


Who reads submissions to Do Life Right, Inc.?

When a manuscript is submitted to Do Life Right, Inc., it goes through the following process:
(1) I (Lisa) look at it to make sure the submission guidelines are met, if yes, then I take off the author's name and assign it a number and...
(2) I (Lisa) read it for content and I give it to a minimum of three independently contracted people to read for content. If they all like it, then...
(3) About a dozen homeschoolers aged 9-15 look at it to see if they like the story.
(4) If it passes all those tests, then we start talking contract. :)

Manuscripts accepted by Do Life Right, Inc. must appeal to today's homeschoolers!

We can't wait to read your story! :)