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Our 15th title: AND SOMETIMES Y

Hooray! And Sometimes Y, the sequel to The Howling Vowels, is now available!

Happy Birthday to Alexa, the main character in this series. Happy Birthday also to JJM, the co-author of this book and the inspiration for the character of Alexa!

I love this book. When I read the first story of Alexa several years ago, I was instantly taken back to my own childhood days of reading the Little House on the Prairie books. Set primarily in today's small-town Minnesota, these books show us about modern friendships and life circumstances and how they can grow. I love this new book since we get to see Alexa at age thirteen, three years older than in the first book. The rest of the Vowels have aged, too, and their friendships have grown in really interesting ways. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get to see Alexa and her friends again in a few more years. :)

And Sometimes Y

  • Sequel to The Howling Vowels
  • Co-written by Leslie Schultz and JJM Braulick
  • Illustrated by Heather Newman
  • Published: July 22, 2013
  • ISBN: 1937848078
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937848071
  • LCCN: 2013935867
  • Retail price: $12.99
  • Pages: 300
  • Genre: Middle grade

From the back of the book:

More Adventures of the Howling Vowels!

Welcome back to Sundog, Minnesota! In the three years since their adventures in The Howling Vowels, Alexa Stevens and her four friends have each grown and changed, but they are still as close as ever. It’s April, and they are looking forward to a spring and summer filled with riding horses, playing with dogs, hanging out at the pool and the library, and finishing a big project: making their own movie, complete with music, scenery, and costumes! But when a new boy moves to town—a boy who has no friends—will they be able to penetrate his mysterious exterior and welcome him in?

A = Alexa A lover of words, questions, and animals, she is quirky and sprightly and wants to know everything so that she can know the whole story.

E = Eduardo Tall, approachable, and calm, he loves magic, performance, and tales of adventure, and it’s easy for him to find common ground with new people.

I = Isabelle Small of stature but great of heart, she is skilled in making beautiful things and committed to speaking up for what is kind and true and reaching out to anyone in need.

O = Otto Likeable and funny, and always in motion, he always means well, but sometimes his foot leaves the stage and ends up in his mouth.

U = Ursula Strong and brave, she returns from ten months on the island of Ireland more daring and determined than ever, filled with passions for horses and steampunk.

And then there’s Y…

Y = Yves Brooding and sometimes rude, he carries a foreigner’s suspicion of this Midwestern town and a battered sense of himself. Will he be his own worst enemy? Or will he break through the confusing signals and oscillating impressions he sends? Will he win new friends?



The Grounded MOVIE

We're super excited about the upcoming movie, The Grounded.

In this ground-breaking feature film, Author/Illustrator/Doctor Laura Koniver's book, FROM THE GROUND UP, is featured. Yes, that's right! One of Do Life Right's books is in a major motion picture! You'd better believe that we are excited about this!

Laura created the beautiful artwork for her picture book during the production of the movie. Yes, this has all been in production for a long time. :)

So, what is "grounding" or "earthing" all about? Great question!

Here is Laura talking about her book, this concept, and the movie that she's in:


Check out Laura's amazing website, Intuition Physician, for more information about The Grounded and other very fascinating projects that she's involved in. Become a fan of both Intuition Physician and Do Life Right on Facebook!


Our 14th title: WHAT, NO SUSHI?

Every new book Do Life Right, Inc. publishes feels like I've helped a new baby into the world. I can't imagine it being more perfect or loving it more. This time is no exception.

Our new book, What, No Sushi? is truly a special gem. What makes it amazing is that it's based on real experiences of the author's grandparents at a Japanese-American internment camp when they were little, all while lovingly told by the author to her three young sons (who have characters based on them in the book series).

Author Alana Terry has generously offered to donate $1 per book to the Topaz Relocation Center Museum through this link. The world needs to know about what was done to Japanese-Americans during World War II. Alana does this in a loving and approachable manner that children can understand, without freaking them out unnecessarily. It's a fun adventure, yet also opens families up to having deep and meaningful conversations about this period in history. This, to me, is perfect.

Illustrator Jeremy Steffen has brought these characters to life through his accurate, comic-book style illustrations that complement the storytelling perfectly. Coloring pages will be available soon.

From the back cover:
"Experience Solar-Powered History!

There’s something you should know about my dad. He’s always inventing! When I asked him why Japanese Americans left their homes during World War Two, Dad decided to create the coolest invention ever. My brothers and I knew Dad’s solar-powered machine would be amazing. We just had no idea that Dad was about to send us on a breathtaking adventure through history!

Why did so many Americans of Japanese ancestry have to leave the West Coast and go to internment camps? What happened to them once they got to the relocation centers? And why does our new friend Kimiko look so familiar that I’m just sure we’ve seen her somewhere before?

Join me, Lake Otis, and my brothers, Benson and O’Malley, as we investigate these questions in What, No Sushi?: My Solar-Powered History at a Japanese-American Internment Camp, the first book in the My Solar-Powered History series!"

What, No Sushi?

My Solar-Powered History at a Japanese-American Internment Camp

  • Book 1 in the My Solar-Powered History series
  • Written by Alana Terry
  • Illustrated by Jeremy Steffen
  • Published: April 7, 2013
  • ISBN: 1937848043
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937848040
  • LCCN: 2013937578
  • Retail price: $12.99
  • eBook price: $2.99
  • Special Book Club pricing: TBA
  • Pages: 114
  • Genre: Chapter book series

What’s TOGETHER WE SLEEP all about?

Our first picture book by Laura Koniver, MD, is a super sweet tale for co-sleepers around the world! It's so popular, even Mayim Bialik says, "Thank you for adding a lovely, nurturing, normalizing, and gentle look at bedsharing in all of its cozy glory. The bedsharing community at large celebrates you!"

Here is Laura talking about this book and how much it means to her!



What’s FROM THE GROUND UP all about?

Our second picture book by Laura Koniver, MD, is a real treat! Here is Laura talking about grounding with the Earth and how this book came into existing!



Our 13th title: FROM THE GROUND UP

We're extremely excited to announce Do Life Right, Inc.'s second picture book, From the Ground Up! This groundbreaking book is sure to change lives for the better. Plus, it's full of beautifully illustrated images and has a story that children and parents will love reading over and over again.

  • Author/Illustrator: Laura Koniver, MD
  • Paperback: 42 pages
  • Publisher: Do Life Right, Incorporated (December 4, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1937848035
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937848033
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches
  • Retail Price: $16.99 US

Doing Art Right; VIDEO 19 (2012 Teleconference)

Meet Jeremy Steffen as he tells us about Doing Art Right!

Jeremy Steffen is originally from Keokuk, Iowa, and now resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Jeremy found an affinity for stark images and bold colors at an early age. This later led to his love of all kinds of art, ranging from classic masters to comic book illustration and video game design. He attended the Art Institute of Seattle majoring in Animation, where he graduated with honors. Jeremy has spent several years in the graphic design field, using both traditional and new techniques to create his works. He likes sharing his knowledge of pop culture, and is a veritable fountain of video game information. He is proud that he has produced artwork internationally.

Jeremy enjoys games of all kinds, music, swimming, and spending time with his wife, Lucinda, and their daughter, Kendra. The Steffen family is expecting a new baby any day now.


In "Doing Art Right," Jeremy explains how important self expression is in creating art.

In addition to his vast experience, Jeremy has worked with Do Life Right, Inc. on several projects:

  • One of the nine illustrators in Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery (April 2011) [He created the Naranja Sunburst collage.]
  • Cover designer for Fractured Fate (October 2011)
  • Cover designer for The Howling Vowels (November 2011)
  • Interior designer and cover designer for Together We Sleep (May 2012)
  • Interior designer and cover designer for From the Ground Up (December 2012)
  • Illustrator, cover illustrator, and cover designer for a currently untitled chapter book (2013)

To find out more about Jeremy, see: