Do Life Right, Inc.


Our philosophy: Empowering modern day writers to set their own goals and aspirations while giving them the tools to see them through.

Do Life Right, Inc. is an independent publishing company located in Sahuarita, AZ, USA.  Founded in 2005, Do Life Right, Inc. expanded into publishing in 2009. Do Life Right, Inc. is owned and operated by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley.

We specialize in fiction books for all ages with themes often not present in modern fiction, e.g. homeschooling, strong family ties, and people without traumatic physical or emotional issues. Our stories, while intense and exciting, are guaranteed to have happy endings. We publish picture books, chapter books, middle grade books, young adult (YA) books, adult books, and non-fiction books. We publish physical books, e-books, and audiobooks.

If you are tired of being told that there is no market for books about homeschoolers and homeschooling families, please contact Do Life Right, Inc. today: info at doliferight dot com (with proper spacing and punctuation) and see our Submission Guidelines.