Do Life Right, Inc.

Free Audiobooks!

Do you and your children love audiobooks as much as I do? I know that I listen to an audiobook pretty much every single day. I love-love-love them! I love them so much that they are actually my go-to when I want to purchase a new book for myself. Because of this, I'm thrilled that nearly all of Do Life Right's books are now available as audiobooks (and we're presently working on the rest)!

We're giving away Audible codes for FREE Do Life Right, Inc. audiobooks! I have a limited quantity of these, so speak up now if you want one. I'm happy to give up to two codes per person requesting. Request them on this post on our Facebook fan page.

I currently have codes for these books:

  • Wright on Time: Arizona, Book 1
  • Wright on Time: Utah, Book 2
  • Wright on Time: Wyoming, Book 3
  • Wright on Time: South Dakota, Book 4
  • Wright on Time: Collection 1, Books 1-4
  • Wright on Time: Minnesota, Book 5
  • Wright on Time: Iowa, Book 6
  • Together We Sleep
  • From the Ground Up
  • Cody Greene and the Rainbow Mystery
  • The Howling Vowels



My Solar-Powered History Books 2 & 3 LAUNCH PARTY

Congratulations to author Alana Terry and illustrator Jeremy Steffen on the My Solar-Powered History series of children's chapter books. The first book in the series is What, No Sushi? The second and third books in the series are now published!

Come celebrate with Alana for her LAUNCH PARTY!