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2013 Doing Life Right Teleconference Begins

Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I'm rather obsessed about personal development and growth. I believe so strongly that I can continually become a better person through striving to be my personal best in all aspects of life, that I've not only named a company Do Life Right, Inc., but I've also created an annual Doing Life Right Teleconference.

Yes, this subject makes me giddy!

For me, I believe that we all have the potential to do life right in our individual ways (although there are universal truths as well). The idea of doing ALL of life "right" can sound a little daunting. So, I'm collecting advice, in ~5 minute long snippets, from people who are doing one particular aspect of life right. (To be honest, these people do a lot more than one thing right, but for the sake of this annual teleconference, they concentrate their short little talks one just one small topic.) :)

To see all the videos I've collected, check out the teleconference page on my company's website or the Doing Life Right Teleconference channel on YouTube:

To keep up-to-date with all the new happenings, be sure to become a Facebook fan of the Doing Life Right Teleconference.

Have an idea that you'd like to share with the world? Contact me! I'm striving to have a minimum of 31 videos in 2014. I'd love to include one from you! What knowledge to you have that you just must share with the world?

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