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The Grounded MOVIE

We're super excited about the upcoming movie, The Grounded.

In this ground-breaking feature film, Author/Illustrator/Doctor Laura Koniver's book, FROM THE GROUND UP, is featured. Yes, that's right! One of Do Life Right's books is in a major motion picture! You'd better believe that we are excited about this!

Laura created the beautiful artwork for her picture book during the production of the movie. Yes, this has all been in production for a long time. :)

So, what is "grounding" or "earthing" all about? Great question!

Here is Laura talking about her book, this concept, and the movie that she's in:


Check out Laura's amazing website, Intuition Physician, for more information about The Grounded and other very fascinating projects that she's involved in. Become a fan of both Intuition Physician and Do Life Right on Facebook!