Do Life Right, Inc.

Now offering services for professional writers!

As we grow as a publishing company, Do Life Right (DLR) is offering a few of our author services to non-DLR authors. We are not a vanity press, nor a self publishing press. We are an independent publishing house and only accept authors who meet our submission guidelines and requirements. We do not charge DLR authors for any services.

Editing (.doc files only):

Basic editing (grammar, punctuation, spelling, tense, minor revisions):

  • 20 page manuscript editing = $100
  • Over 20 pages = $.016 per word

Advanced editing (the above, plus critique and suggestions for improvement):

  • 20 page = $200
  • Over 20 pages = $.036 per word

Kindle (and other) Electronic conversion:

  • Author must own all rights; we cannot work with manuscripts owned by other publishers without written consent
  • Author must provide a fully edited copy of the manuscript (all pages, including title and copyright pages, and front/back cover) in pdf or doc format
  • Cost: $200

Basic website development:

  • TBD

Book trailers:

  • Starting at $300

Please inquire about our current turnaround time before scheduling. We will send you a PayPal invoice for all agreed upon services.