Do Life Right, Inc.

Submissions, Submissions!

Wow! The volume of submissions has increased about tenfold since the beginning of our KickStarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money from people just like you. This is fabulous! I'm very excited by these submissions since the funds from this campaign are planned to do just this: Publish more amazing books about homeschoolers of today! By reaching our goal, we'll be able to pick several of these interesting submissions and actually publish them!

While only a small portion of the queries are manuscripts Do Life Right, Inc. is currently interested in publishing, I want everyone submitting to keep their publishing dreams alive! What's not right for us, is perfect for another publisher, and vice versa. Or, ultimately, you could start your own publishing company, or consider self-publishing.

In today's world, there are a variety of ways to publish. Keep your options open, dreams alive, and mind open to jump at all the opportunities that work for you!

In the meantime, keep submitting and have fun! :)


Our KickStarter Campaign

I'm excited to announce that the Do Life Right, Inc. publishing company, which specializes in fiction about realistic homeschoolers of today (our flagship books are the Wright on Time series), has just started a crowd-sourcing KickStarter campaign. Please check it out, pledge at least $5, and tell all your friends and family! With your help, we'll have dozens of amazing books about realistic homeschoolers out in the world! Thank you so much! :)