Do Life Right, Inc.

What we are looking for RIGHT NOW

Do Life Right, Inc. is actively searching for the next great children's or YA manuscript about realistic homeschoolers!

Do you have a Hanna West/Nancy Drew/older Madeline/Harriet the Spy type of book about a homeschooler (or group of homeschoolers)? Send it to us! This is the ideal story that we are currently looking for. The characters can be boys or girls.

We'd love to have a mystery with a twist (science fiction, romance, etc.) book to sink our teeth into. We are not looking for child memoirs (written in first or third person), unless your life is crazy interesting and you've written a fantastic story about it that entertains us all! Remember that your story must past muster with actual homeschoolers! :)

Our submission guidelines calls for "realistic homeschoolers".  What this means is that you've actually looked into how homeschoolers today live. Your writing isn't dependent on stereotypes, misinformation, or outdated data. You've met more than a dozen homeschoolers in real life and you know how amazing they are and how unique each of them is. You've witnessed first hand what amazing things homeschoolers have done without having gone to school and without needing to go to school five days a week.

How fast are we once a manuscript is accepted? Depending on the level of editing needed and illustration needs, turn around can be as fast as 6 months. If you are accepted today, your work could be a book you are holding in your hands before the end of the year!

What else do we do? Along with publishing your work, we'll help with marketing, send a treatment to television and movie producers (depending on the manuscript), and much more.  We want you to succeed! We are investing in you to succeed so that we can succeed. We are a small and independent publishing company who works professionally with its authors. We require no money from our authors and our royalty rates are higher than traditional publishing houses. Contact us today to find out more.


Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, Owner of Do Life Right, is Interviewed for Small Press Month

Click here to check out the March 2010 interview of Lisa Cottrell-Bentley (me) on Indie-Debut 2010 by Lori Calabrese. I answer never before asked questions about Do Life Right, Inc. and homeschooling in fiction. March is Small Press Month, so I am honored to be highlighted on the Indie-Debut website. So fun!


Who reads submissions to Do Life Right, Inc.?

When a manuscript is submitted to Do Life Right, Inc., it goes through the following process:
(1) I (Lisa) look at it to make sure the submission guidelines are met, if yes, then I take off the author's name and assign it a number and...
(2) I (Lisa) read it for content and I give it to a minimum of three independently contracted people to read for content. If they all like it, then...
(3) About a dozen homeschoolers aged 9-15 look at it to see if they like the story.
(4) If it passes all those tests, then we start talking contract. :)

Manuscripts accepted by Do Life Right, Inc. must appeal to today's homeschoolers!

We can't wait to read your story! :)



Here at Do Life Right, Inc. (DLR), we believe in the power of online marketing. Without marketing, books cannot reach their intended readers.

Our authors all receive the following marketing help (at a bare minimum):

  1. At least one virtual book blog tour -- blogs to approach will be 1/2 up to the author and 1/2 up to DLR. Tours will consist of at least 50 blogs over a one week period (books to be printed and mailed at DLR's expense, but author will be asked to physically do this). Author will be responsible for answering interview questions, etc. and posting the tour sites on his/her website(s).
  2. Promotional postcards and/or bookmarks based off of the cover art will be made up and given to the author to mail out or give away (at author's expense). Promotional tattoos, balloons, and other items might be made, depending on the content of the book itself. Authors will always be encouraged to come up with ideas for this. DLR will pay for promotional items on a case-by-case basis.
  3. DLR will require all of its authors to have a website. DLR will help with set up of the website (if necessary) and will require it to be updated at least once monthly (via blog or new game or *some* sort of new material provided by the author). Further help on this will be a case-by-case basis with the author, depending on the needs of the promotion.
  4. DLR will help with author and book accounts on amazon, Facebook, twitter, etc. on a case-by-case basis. We feel as though online marketing provides the best bang for the buck and we'll require each author to have a strong online presence. We realize this is new to some authors, and thus, we'll give help as needed. Don't let this part stress you out!
  5. DLR will send out press releases about each new title to: (a) author's hometown newspaper, (b) author's current town's newspaper(s), (c) several radio shows. All additional press releases are up to the author to send at DLR's encouragement.
  6. We'll give author's a 50% discount on buying their own books, so they can sell them at book signings, etc. on their own.
  7. DLR will have a presence at various conferences, fairs, etc., where our authors will be encouraged to share the booth to promote books about homeschoolers. Authors will make higher royalties at the events they attend.
  8. We'll also be making sure that all titles are available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, etc., but that is more of a distribution issue rather than a marketing one. All titles will be available in paperback and Kindle, at a minimum. Select titles will be made available in other electronic forms, as well as audio versions.
  9. DLR will help with the making of book trailers.