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Initial steps to decide if indie publishing is for you

  • How long have you been writing? If you are new to writing as a craft, then you need to give yourself time to master the craft.
  • Do you have a critique group and/or a professional editor? (Is your writing truly the best it can be? Do you listen to the comments you receive?)
  • Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?  It's true that it often takes money to make money.  You need to be willing to invest both time and money into yourself.  Even with big publishing companies, you'll be responsible for all your prepublished expenses such as how-to-write books, writing conferences, and meetings. After publication, you'll most likely be responsible for most of your website maintenance, travel expenses, and promotional activities. With self publishing, you'll be responsible for 100% of these expenses. With most independent publishing companies and traditional publishing companies, you'll be responsible for all of these expenses. [Do Life Right, Inc. will help authors learn how to market their books with more bang for their buck, while also investing in its authors.]
  • Have you spent a year or longer regularly submitting your work to literary agents and publishers?  Have you received feedback as to why you received rejections?  If it had to do with the quality of your writing, consider taking a writing course and/or attending writer's group meetings before submitting again.
  • Are you current in your knowledge of the marketplace?  Do you know who your market is and how to reach them? All publishers today will expect you to have this knowledge.
  • Do you have the time, money, and energy required to make your book a full-time job as long as necessary in order to succeed?

Remember, these are just a few of the many initial questions you must ask yourself as you begin your publishing journey.


Independent Publishing for a New Generation

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. --Chinese Proverb

Do Life Right, Inc. has expanded into independent publishing.

Traditional publishers today believe they know the entire market. We believe that no one knows your market quite like you do. Our mission is to empower our authors to brand themselves, market themselves, and to help us publish a high quality book or series of books by them for our specialty market of homeschoolers of today.

Does this mean you have to be alone and do everything yourself? No!  You don't have to reinvent the wheel if you become friends with the wheel maker.  We are here to help be your wheel maker.

Our philosophy: Empowering modern day writers to set their own goals and aspirations while giving them the tools to see them through.

If you are a struggling author, take heed. You are not alone.  Spend some time on this site learning about modern day publishing options.  Independent publishing might not be for you, but traditional publishing also might not be. To learn about the different types of publishing options available today, see Rich Author, Poor Writer.